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half million pages of due diligence over a multi-year process to get ada…Submit Id To Etoro Safe …whitelisted in japan and now it’s trading there and a growing number of exchanges are taking it up and liquidity is improving that location coinbase was also a very difficult process from my

understanding to go through and a lot of oversight there and there are naturally active conversations with other u.s liquidity companies that stated it’s not truly clear what is what for example in the united states there’s presently a claim against xrp where the u.s federal government is asserting that xrp is a security in japan it’s being treated as a as a currency and it’s white listed and there’s a great deal of

commercial activity of xrp in japan sbi and others are big boosters in that environment so despite the fact that liquidity is incredibly Submit Id To Etoro Safe. restricted in the u.s ripple is still in the leading 10 has a great deal of trading so uh the best you can do in these things is browse this on a case-by-case basis on an exchange-by-exchange basis [Music] i would hope that the foundation releases a coherent document explaining how they tackle this process and what they do we work

with them on a technical basis so when there are technical concerns about cardano when there are things that require to be done like the rosetta user interfaces or the graphql user interfaces or the deprecated rest apis we do that we definitely respond to a lot of questions from exchanges and for certain big exchanges we in fact uh allow them access to our internal designers slack so they can directly connect with designers when they have requests like utxo fragmentation concerns or other such things on our side we had no indication of this from and it’s rather unfortunate that

nothing was sent our method due to the fact that we at least could have better understood their factors and will naturally reach out on our side to better understand factors but it’s primarily the foundation’s obligation here it has no meaningful impact on the liquidity of ada there’s billions of dollars of turn-around every day or any other element it was a fairly little trading market but you understand this is simply the nature of the game liquidity comes and goes some people like it some people don’t since they don’t get sufficient volume or client interest and after that undoubtedly everybody has various regulatory limits if you’re a european entity with primary european clients you generally restrict your u.s direct exposure